Chassis, Suspension and Running Gear.

The '72 750 GT was well developed in this area with not much changing over the ensuing years. The handling was slow but steady.
Quality components were used. Marzocchi suspension for both front and rear. Verlicchi made the frames for Ducati. The Sealey designed rear axle adjusters were the best of their time. Borrani alloy rims have always been well respected


The front wheel had a split hub laced to a Borrani flanged alloy rim. Size 1.85 x 19". click on the first two pics for full size images.

The rear wheel had a full width hub laced to a Borrani flanged alloy rim. Size 2.15 x 18" Click on the first two pics for full size images.

Front and Rear Axles

The rear axle spacers on the '72 are different to those of the '74.
Sorry about the dust - it is a rider not a show bike.

Front and rear axle nuts are 24mm, rear axle locking nut is 36mm. Can't find one, a Laverda one will fit !

Front Forks and Rear Shocks

Both of these were made by Marzocchi. Front forks are leading axle 38mm with alloy upper and lower triple trees. The steering head bearings are tapered rollers. It is worthwhile once a year to drop the front forks, clean out and regrease. Then adjust the preload carefully.

The rear shock absorber are 305mm long between centres and if in good condition work reasonably well. If you are looking for superior rear shocks try Maxton (made in the UK ). They are fully custom built to your requirements. I want a pair!
P.S. Maxtons aint cheap.

Other stuff worth mentioning

This miserable excuse for a grease nipple is stock, it's on the wrong side to do any good. When you remove your swing arm to grease it ( you do don't you ? ), put another nipple closer to the chain side, that's where the grease is needed most - on the thrust side !
Two springs on the centre stand stops grounding on bumpy corners. When the nylon button wears out make a couple out of brass. Makes a satisfying clunk when the stand is released. 

This is the rear left lower engine mount lug. It has not been cut, this is a feature of '72 models. The exhaust homologation plate and swinging arm plug on the '72. The plate is the same on all GTs.

The rider and passenger footpegs are original. Exact replicas are finally available. The riders footpeg usually splits from the pressure exerted by the spring.

Quite often this mount for the original aircleaner will be missing on a used bike, having been cut off by previous owners.
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