Conti Silencers - Original and Replacement

When you thought all Contis were created equal -  the sound is the same - bellissimo ! However,  the original pipes and the replacements now available differ in their manufacture and appearance in several subtle ways.


The later replacement Conti silencers are arguably stronger than the originals, particularly with the fillet welds to the mount.

That said, I've seen them last some 30 odd years without a problem. These originals in these images are that age, the replacement pipes are brand new.

The stampings of the part numbers and the Conti Logos are usually ( but not always ) deeper and better defined than the later or current replacements,the first two images below are originals.

Part numbers remain 0755.84.105 for left side and

0755.84.100 for the right side.

This is the logo on the new replacement Conti - not quite as deep as on the originals, though beautifully defined.

Below are pictured a rare pair of Contis, these are the original equipment fitted to a '72 model delivered by Ron Angel in Melbourne, August 1972. These mufflers  were also fitted to the equally rare '71 models. Note the reverse tapered end of the silencer this is what sets them apart from anything later.  


Only Genuine Contis sound like Contis !

Header Pipes and Clamps

Genuine Ducati header pipes are marked with their part number. The same pipes were used up until late 1974 when  Lafranconi silencers were used for the first time.  They are not interchangeable.
Conti branded clamps were used to secure the header to balance pipe and Conti silencers. Two of each type marked " M " and " R " were used. These are extremely difficult to find today. The clamps on my bike were replated many years ago, most of the original markings were polished out.

Left side vertical cylinder                                        Right side horizontal cylinder
This rear cylinder header pipe is original to the bike and was stamped in this location from the factory. Other examples are known, so this is not a one off anomaly.

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