1972 Ducati 750 GT Roundcase
A reference source for owners

Late 1972 European Spec. model, delivered by Fraser Motorcycles, the Australian distributor and importer for Ducati in December 1972.

Engine number 750 876. Frame number 750 589.

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The Roundcase Engine Created by Ing. Fabio Taglioni - the engineering genius of Ducati

 Dr. T walks past his creations deep in thought.
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The best time to change things is during a rebuild. The changes are detailed here.


750SS crankshaft and conrod set ( note the dual webs at the big end ), machined, trued and balanced by Ron Young Engineering. machined, trued and balanced
Cylinder head rebuild and conversion to desmodromic valve operation by Ron Young Engineering. Carbys - Dellorto and Amal
Look in Cycle Parts for fuel taps and hose.
Electrickery - Some say that Aprilia  was the Italian answer to Joseph Lucas, better known to Brit bike owners as the Prince of Darkness.
With care, maintenance and some modification it works well.
Brakes - Front and Rear. 1972 models only at this stage. brake
Instruments - Veglia and Smiths. vegliassmall Contis- Original fitment and replacement Contis. The differences revealed when you click the image.
Kickstart Levers - early and late. Special Tools.
Cycle Parts - tanks, seats, guards,sidecovers, controls, etc.
Chassis - Wheels, Suspension and running gear.

There will be more as I find the relevant images and write the text. Thanks for looking. 

1968 Ducati Desmo 350 Twin Filler  - better known as La Piccola Rossa 

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