The Buckle Man

1972 Ducati 750 GT Roundcase - a Reference Source for Owners

2005 Bevels, Balloons, & Beer (BBB2)

2005-2006 Garage Mahal

Ducati Bevel Rubber

Aussie Trip

Aussie Trip 2003-2004

Digital Art Classics

2007 United Kingdom/Scotland Tour

Ducati Owners Club GB


Degree Wheel


Idyl Rio

Leave it up to a couple of Norski's to make their own degree wheel out of cardboard, mount it on the wrong side of the engine, and get it to actually work!!!

Knut and the 750GT outside my apartment.

Knut and Tom eating lunch at Embuto Station on the banks of the Rio Grande River (between Taos and Santa Fe)

 Rob and Tom

Flyin Duck 

I can't believe we're actually going to try and do this!

See, Ducks really do fly!
Dead Duck in Truck
 Wild One Tom's Wish  Tom in Car
Knut and Bear at the Los Ojojos Bar, Jamez Springs N.M. Hell this thing runs about as good as the Darmah does right now!!! Tom sitting in an eagle sort of sculpture sort of thing... very popular with the Hardly sort of crowd
 Sad 1  Sad 2 Anthony Gobert and Tom
Yep, that pipe got that hot. Darmah sitting where the GT was, waiting her turn for attention. Anthony Gobert showing off his new purchase.


Rest Stop



Ed's garage on the bike Tom's riding to the Laguna Seca AMA Races.

Rest stop in Santa Ynez with Tom praying in silence that the H***a holds together for the rest of the trip. *It did! :-)*

Doing his DUTY cleaning the nasty ass bugs off my bike. Took him long enough to get to it!!

OH NO!!!
Guzzi from hell Ed & Tom

I have NO idea what to tell you about this. It gives me the shivers.... Ed Hotchkiss (left) Tom's the ugly one on the right, riding MY bike! To his credit he didn't put a scratch on it. LUXOR Las Vegas
AMA Races '97-GT on the left, Ed's SP on the right. How the hell do we get up there???
Vise-Grips   Lost Masterlink Condor
I wish I had some Vise-Grips... Bevel's Suck!!! Las Vegas AMA Races '97-Hotel parking lot... hmm... that masterlink was there 600 miles ago??? Death of a Condor!
Don't let this happen to you!  Ahem... I broke it
The bike has a modified rear... nice huh? Ahem... This shift lever used to be straight... what happened?
Independence Pass... pre bent shift lever. Seven John Hammond relaxing in the living room. Put to work on a buckle.
 Nothing Flys Like a Duck Wheels
Richard Kennedy and Greg Davies. ADOG meeting in Tasmania. Nothing flies like a Duck!
Spotted at a DRC track day.
Wanna buy some wheels cheap?
Tom and Ed Goodies
Tom and Ed. Nothing like a bunch of goodies! Notice anything wrong with this picture? Gee, I wonder why I couldn't stop so well... hmm... A Rolland rest stop. Photo compliments of Tazman Richard Kennedy :-)
DucksRoadhouse Crate Building Crates Delivered
Ducks Roadhouse. Buckle owners Mark Staveley and Ron Ginter on a road trip. Crates for GT's to Japan. Hiroshi Yamaguchi from Tokyo will be a happy person soon. Shipping crates for GT's to Japan. The little crate contains a GT engine and goodies destined for New Mexico :-)
Crates Delivered2 Umbrella Boy Mr. Sensitive
Two crates containing GT's going to Japan. DRA2001. Umbrella boy for Sue Waters. DRA2001. Politically correct t-shirt.
Swedish Ducati Club Panties
Engine compliments of Hiroshi Yamaguchi. Safely secured for the ride home. GT engine and goodies are home in New Mexico. Ahem... again.
Budda Pink Slip Tom's Conversion
Peter Bonner, Robert Welsh and the buckleman. Can you find the buckle? It seems hidden. Dan Kelo awards the winner. Maybe second place place is better :-) Pink slip races aren't what they use to be. Sport's rule... GT's drool.
Mid-Ohio 2005
Damien Birch & Jeff Cohen Red Square 2006  
Damien Birch and Jeff Cohen in Melbourne. 2006 Festival of Italian Motorcycles. Silver buckle in red square 2006.  

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